How to turn on the blue light filter on your computer

In this guide, I will explain what the blue light filter is and tell you why you need it. I will also show you how to turn on the blue light filter on your computer.

How to turn on the blue light filter on your computer

What is the blue light filter?

We are spending more and more time on our computers and devices each day which can cause strained eyes and poor sleep. However, there is a solution in the form of a blue light filter or night light as it is referred to in Windows 10.

It is an option to reduce the vividness of the screen and filter out what we call blue light.

Why does blue light affect my sleep?

Blue light which is emitted from your computer screen, mobile devices, and televisions can suppress your body’s ability to produce Melatonin. This is the hormone that helps you sleep and regulates the sleep/wake cycle.

It is suggested that by turning on the blue light filter in the evening you can dramatically increase your ability to sleep. We would go one step further and suggest that if you are staring at screens for long periods of time that you turn the filter on all the time.

Are there any negatives to turning the blue screen filter on?

Yes, if you work in an environment where accurate colour representation is important then turning the blue filter on will affect this. Also if you are watching media the quality will be affected. But you could always turn the blue filter on and off to meet your requirements.

The blue filter seems too dark and dull?

At first, enabling the blue screen filter will make your screen appear dull and darker compared to the bright and vivid colours you are used to. However, after a couple of days, you will not notice the difference so much and your eyes and sleep will thank you for it.

How to turn on the blue light filter on your computer

You can either set the filter on your computer to come on at a certain time or you can permanently set it to be on. Below are instructions on how to change the settings of your blue light filter.

  1. Press the Windows key on the keyboard.
  2. Select Settings

  1. Choose System from the menu

  1. Select Display from the menu on the left as shown below.

  1. Under the color section on right, select to turn Night light on.

  1. Below the on/off button (shown above) you will see ‘Night light settings’. Click this link to see the configuration options.

  1. The Night light settings window, as shown above, allows you to control your blue light filter.
  • You can turn the blue light filter on/off immediately.
  • Schedule the blue light filter to automatically come on/off at certain times.
  • Note that if you want to switch the blue light filter on permanently then select the ‘Turn on now’ option and leave the ‘schedule’ section set to off.

Blue light settings strength?

The strength of the blue light depends on your preferences. The higher the percentage the more blue light you are filtering and the warmer the screen will become. When the blue light filter is set to 100% the screen will most likely turn orange. 50% is average, I use 55% and have noticed a positive result with my sleep pattern.

Are there any alternatives to turning on the blue screen filter?

Yes, there are a number of different options as listed below.

  • A physical screen cover that goes over the screen and blocks blue light
  • Your optician may be able to fit your glasses with a protective cover to stop harmful light
  • You could also consult your doctor about advice on a Melatonin supplement.
  • There are foods like Montmorency cherries which are supposed to increase the production of Melatonin. Please consult your GP or nutritionist before taking either and note that this does not protect your eyes.
  • Taking regular breaks and not using your device of an evening.

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