How to make Google Chrome display the full URL in the address bar?

In this guide, we show you how to make Google Chrome display the full URL in the address bar. You may have noticed that the Chrome browser has started removing the protocol, “https://” and “www.” from view and replaces it with just the domain name.

For example, will look like


How to make Google Chrome always display the full address?

  1. Right-click the address bar
  2. From the menu select “Always show full URLs”

That’s it! from then on you will see the full URL.

How to display the full URL in Google Chrome

How to quickly display the full URL in Google Chrome?

To view the complete URL or web address you can double-click the address bar and if it is shortened it will display the full address.

Why did Chrome shorten URL in the address bar?

The Google brand has always been about keeping things simple and clean. So it was not a surprise when Google decided to shorten and simplify the information displayed in the address bar.

Google wanted the user to be able to quickly see if the website they are visiting is the correct one. It was thought that shorter or less complicated URLs would make it easier for users to spot a fake or scam websites.

However, after testing, Google have acknowledged that the shorter URLS make little to no difference to the protection of users and now let users decide how they want their address bars to look.

So what is the problem with shorter URLs?

For most people the shortened, clear and simple display is fine. The recent increase in the use of QR codes demonstrates that we are happy with simplified web addresses.

However, we would rather see the entire URL displayed clearly and the shortened view as an option. The shortened view prevents the use of apps to take screen shots of websites with the full address as Chrome reverts back to the shortened address as soon as you click the mouse.

Additional information from Chrome?

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