Free internet speed checker

Have you ever wondered how you can check the speed of the internet you are currently receiving? Your internet service provider (ISP) promised you upload and download figures. Why not use the free internet speed checker below to see if they are giving you what you are paying for.

Free internet speed checker

If you are experiencing slow performance whilst on the internet it is worth checking your download speed. There are a number of factors that could affect performance. It could be a slow computer, a slow website, or a slow internet connection.

Below is a free tool powered by open speed test which is designed to check your internet speed. To make the test fair make sure that all other connections including Netflix, IPad, smartphones etc. are not using the internet and click the start testing speed button below.

Free internet speed checker

Please note that at different times of the day your internet speed may vary. You will be sharing the bandwidth with people in your area. If you are experiencing slower than expected speeds. We suggest that you use the free internet speed checker to monitor the internet speed you receive over a few days. If it is consistently slow then contact your ISP (internet service provider) with the details.

However, if the results of the free internet speed checker are much lower than your contracted amount, you should contact your ISP immediately. Be aware that often providers state ‘up to’ speeds, however you should be receiving reasonably ‘close to’ speeds.

What does download and upload speed mean?

The download speed is how fast data can be received on your computer. If you are viewing a video on YouTube or visiting a website you are downloading from that site. If you decided to send a video of your cat to youtube this would be uploading. Usually the download speed is much higher than the upload speed. Your ISP should provide you both an estimated download speed and upload speed.

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