Download Google Chrome for Windows 10

In this guide, we will show you how to download Google Chrome for Windows 10. We provide step by step instructions below on how to get Chrome downloaded and installed. After Chrome downloads please check out our brief review and history of the Google Chrome browser.

download Google Chrome for Windows 10

If you would like to know more about web browsers, before choosing which browser to install, please check our previous post called ‘what is a browser?’

How to download Google Chrome for Windows 10

  1. Click this link Chrome Downloads to be taken to the download page.
  2. You will see the install Chrome webpage open in a new tab.
  3. Click the DOWNLOAD CHROME button as shown in the below image

How to download Chrome

  1. You will need to accept the Terms of Service to continue with the download, click ACCEPT AND INSTALL

Install Chrome

  1. This will start the download of the file.
  2. Depending which current browser you are using you may need to click RUN or Save and then double-click the file.
  3. Windows might prompt you to confirm you want to install click yes.
  4. Chrome will install and the Chrome browser window will open

We hope the above instructions helped you get Chrome downloaded and installed on Windows 10 – if it worked or you had any problems, please leave us a comment below.

A brief history of Google Chrome

For a long time, Microsoft’s Internet Explorer had dominated the browser market. The only real competition being Mozilla’s Firefox. So there was an understandable excitement in 2008 when the world’s favorite search engine announced it was releasing a web browser. Google Chrome history by Techsnail

Chrome downloads were very popular even in its initial stages due to its simple and clean approach. But Google went one step further and made their new Chrome browser faster and more stable than other browsers.

They did this by introducing a multi-process architecture. Which meant that each browser tab loaded independently of the other tabs.  This might not seem like a big deal but in 2008 internet browsers would often crash and need to be shut down.

This switch in technology meant a single tab could crash and the rest of the browser carried on as normal. This was a big leap forward in browser technology and helped Google Chrome get to where it is today – the worlds most used web browser.

Google Chrome added features

Chrome has seen impressive downloads for a number of reasons but one is the ability to add extensions to the browser, which is a way of adding features and tools to your Chrome browser.

We will cover the best tips and tricks for Google Chrome in a separate guide but some of the more popular built-in features are listed below.

Chrome sign in and travel

You can sign into the Google Chrome browser and set up your preferences and settings just the way you like them. Then if you log in to another copy of Chrome, for example, at work or on holiday your settings will be just as you have them at home including your bookmarks, favorites, and features etc.

What is the Chrome ‘Incognito’ mode?

Incognito mode prevents your internet browsing from appearing in your search history and deletes all internet cookies when the browser is closed. This could be useful if you did not want other users of the computer to see what you have been looking at.

This should not be confused with using a VPN or Proxy to browse the internet. Some people are under the assumption that this is a much safer way to use the internet. When the reality is it is only protecting your privacy from users of the same computer.

It would be handy if you were using a library computer or other public computer.

What is the Chrome Omnibox?

Google Chrome has renamed the address bar at the top of the browser the ‘Omnibox’. It has added a host of additional features which make the address bar more interesting. We have listed some of the features of the Omnibox below.

  • The Omnibox prevents you having to enter full web addresses into the address bar as it will add in https:// and www. where required.
  • It will also let you ask questions directly in the address bar, such as calculations, translations, definitions etc.  For example, type 5 + 5 and press enter. The Omnibox will show you the answer.
  • But the best feature of the Omnibox is that it converts the address bar into a search engine and lets you select which search engine you would prefer it to use.

Yes, Google Chrome is not locked to just using Google as a search engine, you can choose your favorite. Yahoo, Google, Bing etc.

Chrome password bank

Chrome users have the ability to automatically save passwords for websites they use and the browser will automatically log the user in. You can also view all of your passwords in one location.

Should you pick Google Chrome as your web browser?

We think yes, Google Chrome is a smart choice. It is clean and crisp whilst combining style and speed. There is enough inbuilt functionality with the added bonus of additional extensions and it travels with you. For us, at it ticks all the boxes and is a first-rate browser. Download Google Chrome now.

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