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Do you have any computer questions that you would like answers to? Do you have a computer question in relation to a problem you are currently experiencing or would you like some free computer advice?

Computer Questions and Answers


Answers to your computer questions

One of the goals of this website is to help answer all of your computer questions. I’m trying to publish as many new and interesting articles as possible but I want to focus my attention on you the reader. If you have a question that you would like me to answer or a topic you would like to see covered here at Techsnail. Then please feel free to use the comments section of this article to let me know.

I will move any reader’s questions to the front of the queue of items to cover.

Short and long Computer questions

If your question is easy and straight forward then I will try to answer in the comments section, but if it is more complex then I will dedicate a post to the subject as soon as I can.

Questions about anything technology related

Although this post is about answering any of the questions that you might have about your computers or computer equipment. This website is about all things to do with technology so feel free to ask me any technology-related questions.

Computer questions already answered

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50 common computer-related questions

  1. Can you link to a specific part of a Youtube clip?
  2. How to check if you are connected to a proxy server?
  3. How to create a system restore point in Windows 10?
  4. Empty the saved for later items in Amazon basket?
  5. How to turn on system restore?
  6. The Recycle bin – What it is and how to empty it?
  7. How to use the Snipping Tool?
  8. Can I change the name of my computer?
  9. How to change when Windows 10 Updates?
  10. how to fix the printer?
  11. What is a laser printer?
  12. What is a Dot Matrix printer?
  13. Print spoolers – how to clear stuck print jobs
  14. What is a printer? and what to look for when you are buying a printer.
  15. What is an inkjet printer?
  16. PDF Printers – what is a virtual printer?
  17. How to set the default printer?
  18. TweetDeck – What it is and how to set it up
  19. How to change the date and time?
  20. Should you eject a USB memory drive before removing it from your computer
  21. How to create a desktop shortcut?
  22. How to change when your screen turns off?
  23. Print word documents in landscape orientation?
  24. How to tell which version of Windows you are using?
  25. How to create a new folder?
  26. What is a Window and how to change the size of Windows
  27. How to change the lock screen picture?
  28. How to change the desktop background picture in Windows 10?
  29. Changing the brightness level of your screen?
  30. What is a proxy server?
  31. How to remove or add a program to the Taskbar?
  32. Turn the pop-up blocker on or off?
  33. How to move the taskbar?
  34. Restart Windows 10 in safe mode
  35. Everything you need to know about internet cookies
  36. How to enable God mode
  37. Everything you need to know about Windows 10 updates
  38. How to check the speed of your internet connection
  39. Google Chrome – how to download and install
  40. How to increase the size of text on the computer screen
  41. How to take backups of your data?
  42. What was a web browser?
  43. Customizing the Start Menu for Windows 10
  44. Windows Printer troubleshooter
  45. Disable User Account Control in Windows 10
  46. Can you bypass Youtube age restrictions?
  47. How to delete your internet browsing history?

Please ask your questions in the comments below

I really look forward to getting to know you and helping to answer all your computer questions.


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