Call from BT advising the internet will be terminated in 24 hours due to illegal activity

Have you received an automated call from BT advising that the internet will be terminated in 24 hours due to illegal activity? If the answer is yes you should read this.

We recently received two calls. Both had a robotic voice warning us that BT would be canceling our internet connection within 24 hours due to illegal activity.

We decided to investigate!

Call from BT advising the internet will be terminated

Are these calls a scam?


These are scam calls and they are not from BT. They are designed to make your heart race and get you panicking so that you will give out information. The best thing you can do is remain silent and put the phone down but even if you have given out information do not worry we will tell you what to do.

What should you do if you receive an automated call that your internet will be terminated in 24 hours?

There are variations of the call some ask you questions, some ask you to press 1. It is important that you do not take any action.

  • DO NOT PRESS 1 (or any other number)

What if I already gave my details out and I am worried that BT will terminate my connection?

If you have already received the call and you have accidentally given out your details… Do not panic. We are here to help.

First, contact BT directly on the below customer services number and explain that you have received a call advising that your internet will be terminated due to illegal activity.

BT Customer services number: 0800 800150

They will check your line first for any problems and then reassure you. They may suggest you add additional services such as BT Call Protect, which is free at the time of writing and allows you to block scam or nuisance callers. This is an optional extra.

If you have given out any usernames or passwords to anyone it is important that you change them now. If you have given any banking details then contact your bank and advise them now.

Please read our next section will which advises how the scam works and what to expect next.

How does the scam work?

Like all scams they trying to extract information or money from you. There are a number of variations to this scam but the most common works like this.

You receive a call with an automated message advising that your internet will be terminated within 24 hours due to illegal activity and asks you to press 1 for more information. Your name/number is then added to a list of people to scam in the future.

You will receive a follow-up call from an IT expert asking you to go to your computer and connect to a website. It is important you do not do this.

They will advise you that your computer is full of viruses and ask you to pay an amount to remove the viruses.

Alternatively, they may just sell your information on to others who will either try to scam you or sell you products. You do not need to panic but you should be aware if you receive calls in the future.

Do not engage, pay anything or follow instructions. Hang the phone up

What if they gave me a number to call or a website to visit?

It is important not to call any numbers as these are likely to be premium-rate numbers which could cost you a lot to ring.

The same applies to any web address that you are given over the phone, this could contain viruses or other potentially harmful malware, spyware, or you could be giving access to your computer to a complete stranger.

What to do now that you know the BT internet termination due to illegal activity scam?

Please warn all your friends and family by sending them this article! The more people we warn the less will get caught out by these scammers.

You can use our social share buttons or copy the link to this site and email it to friends.

Note: if you managed to record the number that called you then please share in the comments below.  So that we can help each other! and remember to report to BT by clicking here.


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