In every group of friends there is usually one person who is good at the tech stuff.  They are the one that you call when your computer stops working or you need help picking out that new gadget or gizmo.

I am that guy, I am Chris, your tech friend.


You can reach me personally at https://twitter.com/MrChrisHutch

So what is TechSnail?

I started TechSnail after an elderly neighbour asked if I would take a look at his laptop. He said he had paid a computer expert £50 to fix it but it was still not working.

I was furious.

We sat down together and I showed him how to get it working again. He offered to pay me but I refused, telling him that he could always ask for my help.

That’s great Chris but what is TechSnail?

Well, as the weeks passed he asked me how to do more and more things. He said that I was very patient and I explained things clearly but he was having trouble remembering what I had said.

I decided to start a website that would explain how to do simple tasks and make it available on the internet as a reference for him.

 TechSnail was born!

Techsnail-was-bornI never expected our little website to get many visitors but to my surprise lots of you started visiting and saying hello in the comments!

It became obvious that lots of people wanted simple, honest, help and advice.

What can you find on TechSnail?

TechSnail is about demystifying jargon and helping you in a language you understand.

The site is slowing growing to include, tips, ticks, news, reviews and how to guides to sort all audiences.

Is TechSnail Free?

I get a buzz out of helping people so yes it is completely free to you.

But if you wanted to buy me a cup of coffee I would be over the moon!

Will TechSnail review products?

Yes, I will review anything related to theme of the website. But honesty and integrity are important to me, so I can’t guarantee the review will be positive but it will be fair.

If you would like to request a review or send me something to review then please email me at Chris@techsnail.com and we can arrange something.

Affiliate Disclosure

Please note that TechSnail is a participant in the Amazon Affiliate program: As an Amazon associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. See footer for more information.

My IT Credentials

I’ve had many roles within the IT industry, ranging from desktop support, server side administrator, product procurement and IT manager. I have worked for very fast paced law firms and I enjoy teaching on a private basis too.

I am also qualified Trade Mark Formalities Officer and as I am an all-round geek and tech-enthusiast I have take Microsoft exams for fun!

Can I advertise on TechSnail?

Yes, there are multiple options to advertise within the site and I would love to work with you!

Do you allow guest posts?

Yes, providing that the posts are original, honest and on topic then guest posts would be considered.

Thank you for visiting!

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