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If you landed here on this list of 58 fun and amazing websites, it is probably because you typed ‘I am bored’ into Google. But have you ever wondered why you are bored online?

I bet it is because you are looking at the same websites over and over again. Instead of exploring the 1.5 billion fun and exciting websites on the internet.

What to do online when you are bored?

Below is a list of 58 fun and amazing websites that I hope will inspire you to search for more entertaining, creative, and amazing websites rather than just going to the same few websites everyone looks at.  Bookmark this page for the time you are feeling bored

  1.  Street View – Check out your friend’s house

I know what you are thinking, it is just a big map, but Google Street View is a great way of exploring the world from the comfort of your home. If you are bored and looking for something to do then check out potential holiday destinations or if you are feeling a bit nosey you could look up your friend’s house.

To get you started I have listed some interesting Google Street View locations with a twist.

Google-street-view-easter-egg-shark stops you being bored

Google-street-view-easter-egg-wedding stops you being bored

Google-street-view-easter-egg-sandhand stops you being bored

  1. Google yourself and see who is the most famous person with your name.

Have you ever wondered what the internet knows about you? Set your browser to Incognito or Private mode and type your name into Google. If you are not internet famous for your name, then who is? Click their sites and check them out.

  1. Do a digital jigsaw.

This one is not technically online but it does involve your computer. People seem to either love jigsaws or hate them. But what better way to get over your boredom than to do a digital jigsaw of your favourite photo.

This free game is available on the Microsoft Store by clicking the white shopping bag icon on the Taskbar and then search for Microsoft Jigsaw Game.

jigsaw game solves boredom

  1. Imgflip – Create your own meme!

The internet is full of exciting memes so why not impress your friends with one you made. This website allows you create memes or gifs fast and free of charge. Create and download your meme, then share on social media and see if your creation goes viral (free with watermark in image).


  1. The Wiki Game – A race through Wikipedia

The Wiki Game is a race through the pages of Wikipedia. It gives you a start page and goal page and you have to use the hyperlinks on each page of Wikipedia to get from the start to the goal. The idea is to get there in the least amount of time possible. You can either play alone competing to better your score or in a group. This sounds crazy but you will have fun trying to figure out the path.

WikiGame to play when bored online

  1. Sponsor someone random just for the fun of it

You could get rid of your boredom and replace it with a warm feeling by getting involved with a good cause or sponsor someone random just for the fun of it.

There are numerous websites such as Change or JustGiving. Look for a cause close to your heart and if that fails you could sponsor my misses in the London Marathon by clicking here. She will spend ages trying to work out who you are.


  1. Check my street – Which crimes have happened in your street

On the Check my Street website you can enter an address and see what crimes have occurred in the previous 12 months. Of course, it doesn’t have to be your street, maybe seeing what crime happened at Buckingham Palace would be more interesting.

Are you bored - crime in your area

  1. Playback.fm – What song was number 1 when you were born?

Ever wondered what people were dancing to when you were born. This website tells you the song that was number one and lets you play the clip on YouTube. You Should Be Dancing by Bee Gees was number one when I was born. Who doesn’t like that? Click here to find your one song.

  1. Patatap – Stop boredom with flash and a bang!

Patatap is a great interactive website that will give you something to do if you are bored online. Click the image below and turn your speakers up, then type away to create a music and light show.

If you would like to make it full screen you can click here.

  1. Typatone – Musical messages

From the company that brought you Patatap and on a similar theme is Typatone. This time you get to type out a message and the website will play a little tune over it then send the message via social media to your friends.

  1. Draw a Stickman –  Watch your creation come to life

The Draw a Stickman website is an interactive website that gets you drawing. You draw a stickman and then you go on an interactive drawing journey. This one is good harmless fun.

If you are bored Draw a stickman

  1. Uncontacted Tribes – Life outside the modern world

There are tribes of people around the world who have no contact with the modern world and mainstream society. This website provides further information on the tribes, as well as information on the dangers we are causing to them.

  1. NASA – The American space agency

NASA is an amazing website. It is jam-packed with interesting information on space missions. There are also apps, podcasts, photographs and even NASA’s tv channel to stop you from feeling bored.

Bored online NASA

  1. 4chan – The original message boards

If you are bored then time will certainly be lost on 4chan. It is an anonymous image and message site that was launched in 2003. We should warn you that whilst navigating through the channels of 4chan there is no way of knowing what you might find. It was rumoured to be the site that first leaked the celebrity nude photos and has become notorious for all the wrong reasons.

So why am I sending you here, well it is still good fun and will ease that boredom but if you would rather skip the possible nonsense, nude images, and vulgar content I understand.


  1. Little Alchemy 2 – Beat boredom with science!

This is an interesting interactive website that shows how different items can mix together. You start with just air, water, fire, and earth and by dragging and dropping the different items on top of each other you can create more and more items. It is strangely addictive.


  1. Ocearch – How can you be bored tracking sharks!

This website was built to help scientists collect data from the ocean. It is truly amazing, educational and it is not just sharks there are turtles, whales, seals etc. The animals are named so you can see where ‘Fletcher’ the male tiger shark currently is but also where he has been.

This is an amazing website and there is no way you can remain bored whilst tracking some of the worlds most exciting marine animals.  Watch the below video and then head over to the website by clicking here

  1. YouTube

How can anyone be bored when the worlds favourite video sharing platform is available. Watch clips, share clips, comment on clips or even create your own channel. Below are some clips to inspire your browsing.

  • This is the sweetest clip of a little girl who cries tears of joy over a new kitten.
  • This clip rewinds in time to YouTube 2012
  • How can you not laugh at the waffle wedded wife?
  • A little mouse that howls like a wolf.

  1. Documentary Heaven

This is an interesting website, it lists what it considers to be the better documentaries on the internet. Who doesn’t love watching documentaries! Click here to go to the site


  1. Age Geek

On this website, you input your age and it then tells you all the amazing things over people had done by the time they were your age.  Inspiring or demoralizing enter your age and find out.


  1. Nature.com 

Nature.com publishes research in all fields of science and technology. It is clear and informative and will give you lots of interesting topics to talk about with friends and family.


  1. TechSnail – The Greatest technology website!

Of course, the list of fun and exciting websites would not be complete without a link to Techsnail. The most informative, fun and to the point technology website out there. Spend some time looking around  Techsnail.


  1. World’s Dumbest Game

The clue is in the title and if you are bored this website will kill quite a bit of time. See if you can get on the scoreboard or don’t.

  1. Space

This fun and exciting site is focused on everything to do with space, innovation, and astronomy news. It includes some amazing photographs, interviews and videos to keep you entertained.


  1. EarthCam

Earth cam is a collection of live cameras from around the world pointing at everything from Times Square and the Eiffel Tower to Zoos and beaches.


  1. The Crazy Card Trick

What how did they know? This website will get you thinking.


  1. Artspace

Artspace will get you creative juices flowing, browse the art for sale or read the magazine articles. I am sure you will leave feeling more creative more inspired.


  1. Nucleus

An amazing website that produces and showcases medical illustrations and animations. There are a few videos and animations on this site that are not only visually stimulating but educational too. It is a shame there are not more showcase videos but the ones that are there are worth watching.


  1. Bored Panda

Bored Panda is a collection of funny images, memes and messages from around the internet.


  1. A good movie to watch

Next time you are sat at home wondering what you should put on the tv. Give this website a go and see if it can help you make that choice.


  1. Wonderopolis

This is a fun and exciting site about exploring wonders. Have you ever wondered… well this is the site to find the answers. The video below will explain further.

  1. Deviant Art

This is an online creative community which features artworks in the various forms. You don’t need to be a member to browse.


  1. The Moth

This website is great. It is full of interesting stories told by the people who created them. They say everyone has a story, you can either listen to other peoples stories or be part of the website and create your own.


  1. Mindful – Healthy mind, healthy life

A good starting point in your discovery of mindfulness. It is a clear and calming website which has lots of information and some guided meditations.


  1. Duolingo – Learn a new language!

One of the best free language learning websites around. Offering an array of languages and a fun, addictive way to learn.


  1. One Tiny Hand 

This website is a collection of photos where one of the hands has been made tiny. I don’t know why it is funny but it is,


    1. Weird or Confusing 

This website is essentially a button that you push and it takes you to an item that you can purchase that is either weird or confusing


  1. Zoomquilt – Prepare to stare!

This website is unlike any other I have seen. It is a continuous display of amazing art that is constantly moving forward into itself. Before you know it you will be lost in the image.


  1. Don’t Even Reply

The owner of this website replies to classified ads to wind up the poster. There is colourful language but it is funny.


  1. Re:Scam – The Artificial Intelligence Bot that wastes scammers time

A website that uses artificial intelligence to respond to internet scam artists in an attempt to waste their time. Remember that you can forward scam emails to the website.

  1. The Dodo – The animals are the stars of the show

It is a digital media company which is devoted to animals and animal rights. They create fun and exciting animal content which will make you go ‘awww’ as you fall in love with the animals. Some of the content is emotional.


  1. 100,000 Stars – Travel through the Galaxy

This is a part of the Chrome Experiments collection and it is an amazing interactive visualization of over 100,000 nearby stars. With lots of Stars named you can either navigate around yourself or take a tour starting at the sun and moving out.


  1. The British Royal Family – Official website

This is the royal family’s website. Written and produced by the royal household. It is about everything and anything to do with the royal family, today and historically.


  1. Earth Times

An online newspaper about planet earth, providing environmental news and information from around the globe that will get you thinking.


  1. National Geographic magazine

I grew up reading the National Geographic magazine, it is an icon and is full of beautiful photographs and articles on articles about geography, world culture, science and history.


  1. Anne Frank House

I have always been fascinated by Anne Franks diary and the story of her life. This is the official website for the Anne Frank museum and has everything you could want to know.


  1. Caption Generator – add subtitles to make funny clips

This website allows you to create a meme with custom captions. With several templates to choose from you will be unleashing your creative juices in no time.


  1. Honest Slogans

Replace the brand slogans with one that is more appropriate or fun

  1. Open Puppies

If you love puppies then you have to visit this site. Is there anything better to stop you feeling bored than a puppy and all you have to do to see another one is press the space bar.


  1. Lamebook

The funniest and lamest posts from your favourite social media site Facebook. This fun and exciting website will have you laughing away in no time.


  1. Camel Camel Camel – Find the cheapest price!

This is an interesting site that lets you copy and paste links to products from Amazon into the search bar and then it tells you the highest and lowest historic price for that item.


  1. Fake Name Generator

Are you writing a book that you need characters for or maybe you just want to create some fake identifies for the fun of it? You enter the sex, location, age and name origin and a fake identity is then generated! (Please note this is for fun only)


  1. Internet Arcade

Fancy a spot of retro arcade gaming? Then Internet Arcade has you covered. Might take a little while to figure out the keys (press num lock) but soon you will be playing Rainbow Island like it was 1987.



I think most people have wondered if robots will take over their jobs as technology moves forward. On this website, you enter your job title and it tells you the chances of being replaced by a robot!

Will Robots take over my job website

  1. People of Walmart

This website is a collection of the funny sights and stories found at America’s favourite store, Walmart.


  1. Pointer Pointer

Wherever you click on the screen a photograph of someone pointing to that spot will appear. It is amazing, pointless and fun at the same time.


  1. Sanger

If your screen is not as clean as you would like it to be then this website will clean it for you. Ok, that is a lie, but this is a cool website for a few minutes.


  1. Always judge a book by its cover

This website is a humorous look at book titles such as ‘How to Talk to Your Cat About Gun Safety’ and links to Amazon where you can buy them!


  1. Microsculpture

Some of the best and most beautiful macro photography I have seen. Click the Explore button and select an insect. From a distance, the photos taken by Levon Biss are amazing but if you zoom in you will see the detail and true beauty. Watch the film below and then head over to the website.


Thank you for looking at my list of 58 fun and amazing websites!

Hopefully, I have inspired you to look for more fun and amazing websites. Why not share this page with your friends using the buttons below or bookmark the page.

I would love to hear from you in the comments. Which sites did you like and which website you would add to the list?


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